2017 Vision Board Workshop: Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions!

Sunday, January 29, 2017, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at Monarch | Arredon Contemporary

If you have given up on New Year’s resolutions because they just don’t work for you, then creating a Vision Board is a great alternative. Instead of feeling stressed – because people ask how you are doing with your resolutions, guilty – because you haven’t started them yet, or disappointed – because you are not accomplishing what you hoped, you can start 2017 feeling inspired, clear about what you really want and motivated to move forward with ease.

Vision Boards really get results. There’s even research to back it up! Successful people like Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey swear they intentionally create incredible outcomes using Vision Boards. And they don’t just quickly slap a bunch of stuff on a board. It’s a thoughtful process of clarity, connection and inspiration.

Led by Robin Orloski, M.A., EEMCP, this workshop is a full-day immersive experience to get clear on what you really want, anchor you to your dreams and create a visual statement that will inspire you. It really does take this much reflective time to do it right. We provide everything at the beautiful Monarch|Arredon Contemporary space – you just bring yourself and walk away with a clear picture of your unique vision.

This is also perfect for a Mother-Daughter day, a best friends’ Girl’s-Day-Out or even couples who want to align their dreams!

Space is limited for this special workshop, so please visit the Blissful Butterfly website to learn more or register: http://www.blissfulbutterfly.com/vb-info.html.