The Purpose of this Blog…

The purpose of this “Art Collecting Tips” Blog is to share several “acquisition tips” that I believe are valuable to not only building a wonderful art collection but also to ensure you have fun doing it!  My focus will be practical tips for collectors of any level of experience or budget with as much “inside” information as possible.   About investing…this Blog will NOT help you make millions through artwork.  However, I will be including guidelines that will help you identify when a piece of art is worth the retail prices and likely to retain its value.

Keeping in mind that there is no “right” way to collect art. Each collector has their own method of purchasing art, and it can vary from according to your personal experiences and style.  This Blog is meant to empower our readers and help them find their own style of collecting, to help you grow as an art enthusiast and collector.

Lastly, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.  Knowing that you are reading these blogs and sending your comments will ensure that this corner of our website continues to grow with a wealth of information that will be useful to our readers today and in the future.

Fellow Art Lover,

Elsie Arredondo