Audience Moved by Heroic Procession

Heroic Procession: A Moving Exploration of Migration

The audience spilled out of the gallery entrance and onto the street on Saturday March 26th as the much-awaited performance of Heroic Procession got started at Monarch | Arredon Contemporary. The trio of artists, Hugo Crosthwaite, Marilu Salinas and Teresa Magario, working collaboratively managed to move the audience to tears. The 30minute project featured renown visual artist Crosthwaite creating a live black and white mural, while Salinas an accomplished violinist offered an amalgamation of music, electronic beats, sound samples and the hauntingly beautiful sounds of her violin. Magario, a New York trained Butoh dancer performed a contemporary dance inspired by both the music and the visual art. Together, the three artists presented their performance as an homage to the immigrant’s procession. The choice to create this piece as a live performance served both to invite the audience to play in the intersections of art and social justice as well as to demystify art production. The performance engaged the audience directly beyond the role of spectator by feeding off their energy and emotions, making Heroic Procession a truly inspirational and moving work of art.

Monarch | Arredon Contemporary is excited to be expanding it’s programming and redefining the traditional use of gallery space as a place for creative exploration and cultural dialogue. We look forwarding to an exciting and very rewarding exhibition year!