Helping to maintain a vibrant community in the Village of La Jolla

Elsie Arredondo, owner of Monarch | Arredon Contemporary Gallery was featured during this month's La Jolla Light...

As a member of the Board of Directors for the La Jolla Village Merchants Association, Elsie Arredondo served as Chair of the Economic Development Committee from 2014-2016.  Highlights of survey efforts can be reviewed below or read the full La Jolla Light article HERE.

Caption “Elsie Arredondo explains the results of a survey that asked people what types of businesses they want for La Jolla.”— Ashley Mackin

“The board came up with a new campaign to identify businesses that could thrive in the Village and figure out how to bring them here,” she explained. “One of our first steps was to identify what kinds of businesses we need. This survey narrowed our focus quite a bit and gave us a direction.”

“The No. 1 reason for coming to La Jolla was the restaurants. Percentages were specific to the decimal, and just over 25 percent (25.84 to be exact) said their top reason was shopping, and just over 21 percent said because they had business or were volunteering in the Village. Other responses, at less than 10 percent each, were visiting the Cove, going to a sports club or for museums/art.”

“More importantly we asked the people what would they’d like to see in the Village, respondents again said restaurants, followed by retail shops, and then music/dancing, department stores, grocery stores, specialty bars, bakeries/small bites, furniture and boutiques. In the narrative answers, Arredondo said, there was a demand for both cost-effective and upscale options in dining, shopping and furniture, and organic markets.” – Elsie Arredondo

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