Thank you to everyone that joined us for the opening reception of DEEP MIND by Robert Michael Jones and Christina Leta

ROBERT MICHEAL JONES‘ sculpts mixed media and found objects to explore the human experience and the existential struggle to place ourselves into the massive scope of the universe. He expresses the order and entropy of the universe as a constant in his work by using a process of creation and destruction. For this show, Jones has selected moderate to large sized pieces from his dynamic body of work to form a collection of figurative sculptures that illustrates the staggering pace of technological advancement today. His artistic style and technique of creating expressive semi-transparent human forms from plate and wire metal, as well as his ability to infuse intention and personality attributes into his pieces, make Jones’ work an expression of humanity’s power and fragility and whose fate is tied to the rapid growth of technology.
Jones’ was first drawn to wire and metals during his pre-college years constructing and renovating houses with his father. He studied at the University of New Hampshire and after two years pursuing math and science he gravitated to the arts obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpting and Drawing in 2009. Since then he has settled in the San Diego area and has had group exhibitions nation-wide. Most recently, Jones completed his first public commission permanently installed at the historic Navy Yards in Washington D.C. titled Memories of Production.

CHRISTINA LETA‘s paintings draw inspiration from surrealism, mass media, the visceral technique of urban art, & personal life experiences. Female faces are created using watercolor and each portrait is suspended in a negative space to further represent the emotions being portrayed and to engage the viewer to fill in the blanks with the feelings each painting evokes from their own experience. Human emotions such as vulnerability and isolation reflect in her works but they also explore synthetic emotions. Leta’s dissolving portraits challenge the viewer to consider how they’re shaped in an increasingly digital world where identify, communication and intelligence is artificially being replaced and redefined by technology. Leta’s educational focus on fine art began in 2001 & guided her through her early studies, with the subject matter of reproducing the female figure prevailing throughout her artworks. In 2010 she received her Bachelors in Visual Art from a California State University in her hometown of Monterey and relocated to Los Angeles to launch professionally as an artist. Christina has had the opportunity to share her work through numerous galleries, events, & publications throughout California. Her growing following has propelled her work to the international stage, most recently through a commissioned project for a women’s health organization in Australia.