Born in Yugoslavia, 1963


Formal art education and training was accomplished at the prestigious Belgrade Academy of Applied Arts; graduating from the five-year program of their Department of Sculpture in 1988.


The rigorous academic training that he had received in Belgrade, reinforced by master of art Nandor Glidd, has imbued Boban with the knowledge, truth, honesty, and moral sustenance required to live the life of a full time artist.  After experimenting with many types of found objects that had potential as sculptural materials, he settled on the spoon, which has taken on a near-spiritual dimension within “The Spark of Creation” context of his sculpture.  The spoon is representative of the nourishment of the human soul in its dramatic path towards personal fulfillment, power, creativity, and success and has become the predominant creative component of Boban’s sculptures.

The physical spark of Boban’s welding apparatus combined with his own spark of creativity transforms spoons and other metal items into dynamic figurative creations with strength, power, and a sense of motion. From the ordinary, the mundane, Boban creates extraordinarily sculptures in heroic poses that embody “The Spark of Creation”.  Metaphorically, Boban’s creations bring emphasis to his belief that all mankind has the potential to become heroic.

Museum Collections:

• The MOCA Museum – Arkansas

• The Toyamura Museum – Sapporo, Japan

• “Shaka Zulu” monumental – Oak Park – Chicago, Illinois

Private and Public Installations:

•“McAtlas” – McDonald’s Corporation’s permanent collection

• “Pegasus” – Montego Bay, Jamaica

• “Pegasus and Globe” – Exxon-Mobil Corporate Headquarters – Texas

Awards and Recognition:

• First Place – Lincoln Part Art Initiative, 2003

• Best of Show – Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale, Sapporo, Japan, 2001

• First Place for Sculptural Design – North Shore Art League, chicago, illinois, 1992