Sculptural Etherealism

           April 23 – June 30, 2015

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Exhibition Dates:  February 6 – April 15, 2015

Group exhibition by Reines, Torres, and Lawrence

Sculptural Etherealism…a Reflection on Sculptures and the Human Culture .  Monarch | Arredon Contemporary is pleased to introduce a group exhibit by three artists whose works highlight periods of time where sculptures played a key role in our human culture and remind us that society, time and the environment will always affect how we see the world around us and ultimately our own spirituality.

Sculptures have been part of the human culture since the demise of the Neanderthals and have played a variety of roles, paralleling (and consequently documenting) the evolution of humankind.

Though idealized and drawing from religious sources, sculptures such as Michelangelo’s “David” (1501 – 1504 CE), spoke to and celebrated, for the first time, the nobility and heroism of the average man.

At the beginning of the third millennia, many Contemporary sculptors have returned to documenting our evolution while others have turned to the human form as the mechanism with which to explore deeper, existential subjects and themes.

Known for bronze sculptures that depict the strength and will of the common person, American sculptor, Ira Reines is the featured artist of this exhibit. “Arising from chaos, my sculptures embody spiritual beauty, a sense of ascension, grace, flight, awakening, and rebirth that is a metaphor for divinity.” – Reines
Anthropology student at Universidad Nacional Bogota in his native Colombia, Carlos Torres gained a unique perspective on the energy and spirituality of the human condition. “Through the language of art, we are able to look at our world with new perspective, for it communicates the subtleties of life to us at their most basic levels. Art touches us all, for it has an eternal soul, a nature that expresses feelings with unmatched clarity.” – Torres
American Painter and Sculptor, Larry Lawrence works are a window to the lucid realities of life, a starting point for perceptual interpretation, and a sharing of the dreamlike cross-cultural connection of beings to their world.  “The symbols I use are some created by myself, and others composites devised by combining symbols from different cultures both ancient and contemporary.” – Lawrence
“Sculptural Etherealism” runs from April 23, through June 30, 2015. Owners Elsie and Danny Arredondo invite existing and prospective collectors to stop by the gallery at their convenience for a curated private visit.

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