Group exhibition by Desjardins, Reines, Arian, Jermyn and Renzo

Metamorphosis…change, transformation, alteration, evolution. Whether as direct impetus or a subtle impelling element that brings about social evolution, no human endeavor more influences the metamorphosis of humanity than fine art. Great art has the ability to change the hearts and minds of individuals and fundamentally alter the societies in which they live. Thus it is fitting that it the midst of its own metamorphosis, Monarch | Arredon Contemporary presents a group exhibition of international contemporary masters that speaks to issues of personal, societal and universal metamorphosis.

American artist Renzo’s profoundly primitive painting and sculpture addresses the role that the present plays in the bilaterally metamorphic cultural and societal relationship between past and future.
The magnificent sculpture of American artist Reines explores the relationship between divinity and chaos while drawing our attention to the universality of metamorphosis.
The visually emotional works of French-Canadian Desjardins express the intensely personal nature of metamorphosis as we individually discover the range of emotions, which enlighten and evolve our own souls.
The highly reflective surfaces of the sculpture of Serbian artist Boban encourage the viewer to see themselves (both literally and figuratively) in the form of winged heroes and other manifestations of humanity’s better nature.
The abstract American sculptor Jermyn who is inspired by liquid forms and takes the viewer on a journey through the many shapes of fluidity and movement and it is there that we discover our own reflection.
“Metamorphosis” runs from the gallery reopening date of December 6, 2014 through January 31, 2015. Owners Elsie and Danny Arredondo invite existing and prospective collectors to stop by the gallery at their convenience for a curated private visit.

Monarch | Arredon Contemporary is open from 10:30am to 6:30pm Tuesday – Friday and from 11:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday.
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