Love, Sex and Sensuality

           February 6 – April 15, 2015

Love Sex and Sensuality

Exhibition Dates:  February 6 – April 15, 2015

Group exhibition by Desjardins, Reines, Arian, Saturno, Jermyn and Elinger-Kunze

Love, Sex and Sensuality…a journey of self-exploration.  The physical and emotional nature of Love, Sex and Sensuality is an essential theme in the arts – painters, sculptors, choreographers, composers, playwrights and musicians throughout history have spent days, years, decades, even lifetimes attempting the exploration, definition and expression of these human traits.

Visual fine artists have a unique challenge in this regard for they must remark with silent, static imagery. They must find the very crux of the passion, attraction and self-awareness, refine it to its universal essence and coax it from paint, canvas and clay as an expression that transcends not only time and culture but also personal preference.

Alive with vibrant colors, German Artist Edlinger-Kunze’s work is done in a loose expressionistic style beautifully capturing the wonder of the human spirit.
The magnificent sculpture of American artist Reines explores the relationship between divinity and chaos while drawing our attention to the universality of metamorphosis.
The visually emotional works of French-Canadian Desjardins express the intensely personal nature of metamorphosis as we individually discover the range of emotions, which enlighten and evolve our own souls.
The artwork of Italian artist, Saturno, is characterized by a personal, formal interpretation of European sacred art and technical skill, that reminds one of the great masters of our pictorial tradition.
The abstract American sculptor Jermyn who is inspired by liquid forms and takes the viewer on a journey through the many shapes of fluidity and movement and it is there that we discover our own reflection.

American artist, Arian has a classical composition known as figurative realism capturing the essence of spiritual beauty as a translation of the human condition that is naturally beautiful.

“Love, Sex and Sensuality” runs from February 6, through April 15, 2015. Owners Elsie and Danny Arredondo invite existing and prospective collectors to stop by the gallery at their convenience for a curated private visit.

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