Sculptural Etherealism

           April 23 – June 30, 2015

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Exhibition Dates:  April 23 – June 30, 2015

Group exhibition by Reines, Torres, and Lewis

Sculptural Etherealism…a Reflection on Sculptures and the Human Culture

Sculptures have been part of the human culture since the demise of the Neanderthals and have played a variety of roles, paralleling (and consequently documenting) the evolution of humankind.

Monarch | Arredon Contemporary is pleased to introduce a group exhibit by three artists whose works highlight periods of time where sculptures played a key role in our human culture and remind us that time and the environment will continue to influence how we reflect our society for future generations to come.

In 1980, the iconic father of art Deco and master artist Romain de Tirtoff —better known as Erté — sought out a sculptor whose talent and sculptural ability would faithfully translate those two-dimensional works into sublimely beautiful three dimensional bronzes. He selected Ira Reines, an award-winning young sculptural prodigy whose talent and passion impressed Erté.
Reines collaborated closely with Erté for eleven years, translating the master’s celebrated two-dimensional couture designs into a series of seventy bronze sculptures which now reside in the collections of well-known museums. Upon Erté’s passing in 1990, Reines returned to his own sculptural vision exploring the relationship between man and the cosmos, order and chaos and the sublime divine beauty that arises from it. As part of “Sculptural Etherealism”—Reines is presenting delicate and intricately formed figures of near-perfect beauty, emerging as if in the process of creation, replete with splendor and spirituality arising from the intricate relationships between order and chaos—beauty born of chaos, form created from formlessness. “Arising from chaos, my sculptures embody spiritual beauty, a sense of ascension, grace, flight, awakening, and rebirth that is a metaphor for divinity.” – Reines
Carlos Torres was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1955 and found himself interested in the world of art at a very young age. While an anthropology student at Universidad Nacional Bogota, Torres gained a unique perspective on the energy and spirituality of the human condition, which ultimately redirected his ambitions. He changed his course of study and subsequently graduated with a Degree in Art. This unique background and his intimate exposure to the artifacts of the ancients have inspired Carlos’ unique use of textures, warm earth tones and the energetic magnetism that is so obvious in his works. As part of “Sculptural Etherealism”, Torres is presenting mixed media and multi-dimensional abstract works that evoke an understanding of our current society as if a visitor to our time and planet. Viewers will get a sense of being at a dig site and learning about our present society through the eyes of Torres. “Through the language of art, we are able to look at our world with new perspective, for it communicates the subtleties of life to us at their most basic levels. Art touches us all, for it has an eternal soul, a nature that expresses feelings with unmatched clarity.” – Torres
Larry Lewis (aka Renzo) was born on April 11, 1953 in Martinez, California and represented by his first gallery even before he graduated from high school. Time spent abroad, including a year in Brisbane, Australia, six years in Jalisco, Mexico, and a short time in Costa Rica, has had a great influence upon the development of Renzo’s “Lucid Realism” style of painting and sculpting. For “Sculptural Etherealism”, Lewis is expressing the universal bond of humanity – the connection to each other contemporaneously and to those who came before and those who will come after through a collection of paintings and bronze sculptures. Each piece explores both the qualities that unify humanity with itself and to the world around it. His artworks are replete with symbolic layers of meaning which wait to be discovered. Stone is used as metaphor for the commonality of emotion and experiential existence throughout human history; ropes and other bindings convey the connections of culture and history that we share. “The symbols I use are some created by myself, and others composites devised by combining symbols from different cultures both ancient and contemporary.” – Lewis
“Sculptural Etherealism” runs from April 23, through June 30, 2015. Owners Elsie and Danny Arredondo invite existing and prospective collectors to stop by the gallery at their convenience for a curated private visit.

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